Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thrifted Trends- Black sheer

I have been following the runway trends closely for the upcoming spring and have been thinking a lot about what trends I can get at the thrift store. I always think of how most designers get their inspiration from past trends and therefore something alike must be at the thrift store.

Akris did  black sheer in their spring collection that could be some what mimicked with thrift store finds. Specially if you imagined these cool dresses as tops.

I was out shopping last a week when I noticed an old sheer piece on a hanger. I'm talking 90s sheer and velvet top. I have owned one of these my self and considered buying it, but it wasn't the right size. These two photos (I got off Google) resemble the tops I usually spot at the thrift store. I see them often, but styled properly can look interesting and in trend.

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