Saturday, February 23, 2013

Becoming a Lolita Essentials

Before I headed out to buy Lolita clothing for the first time, I read a lot about it. Most of my research came from a very helpful blog F Yeah Lolita.  There's a particular page on this blog about building your complete lolita wardrobe that is great help for someone who wants to start a wardrobe. I didn't follow the examples placed in front of me simply because I'm an impulse buyer most of the time.  She suggested
1 good petticoat
1 piece of special wear
2 easy to coordinate dresses
2 skirts
5 tops
2 hair accessories
2 outerwear pieces
1 pair of shoes
1 purse
Lots of legwear and accessories

I ended up with
3 skirts
5 dresses
1 top
3 hair accessories
3 outerwear pieces
No shoes, but I did buy off brand shoes to match most of the dresses/ skirts I bought. I didn't buy a purse because I already own off brand purses that would go with my outfits. I also didn't buy any leg wear or accessories for my outfits because I own some. I was really trying to cut back as much as possible. I don't plan on wearing anything special because I don't plan on going to any fancy meet ups or anything like that. I don't know anybody who is into Lolita or anybody who cares for tea parties. I might someday get a special piece, but I didn't plan on doing that first.

Here are some pictures of the things I bought. I'm sorry since I don't currently have a camera I had to take the pictures from the buyers or the store site.

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