Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vintage or Japanese

For a while I was very obsessed with vintage clothing and still am.  I would study different decades and tips on how to know something is vintage; for example, the type of clothing tag used in the past look handmade, stitched instead of printed, and union labels such as the Women's Educational and Industrial Union(WEIU) are good ways to check if the piece of garment is vintage or not. I learned a lot of things about vintage clothing in the process and now I'm glad I did. I did go out and search for vintage clothing at the thrift store once I was informed and found some great garments. Since I didn't go to any vintage clothing stores I didn't spend more than $100 in my vintage collection, that is including a pair of shoes, maybe 3 purses, one big wool coat, a dress, a skirt and multiple pieces of sleep-wear.  I felt very fulfilled because I knew that my vintage clothing collection could go on and on since the pieces were so affordable.

Now I'm obsessed with Japanese street fashion; I have been studying it everyday for over a month. I'm sure I know the difference between lolita, fairy-kei, decora, etc. I can't say I can write a book about it, but close enough. I have invested hundreds already in my lolita wardrobe and I don't feel fulfilled. Instead of investing more money, I have decided that I will stop buying lolita clothes and just do with what I have. I still have only invested $5 on my lolita shoes because I own some loliable (something that is able to be used in a lolita outfit without being lolita) shoes already.  I was aware of how expensive these fashions can be and I'm not used to spending money on one piece of clothing; I just don't pay $30 for a shirt. However, I'm very happy with what I have bought, maybe I don't feel at ease because I have very specific prints in mind that I want to own. How typical is that. 

I think that part of my big obsession has come from feeling fashionably deprived. Since the part of our house caught fire we have been waiting for our clothes to get back from the cleaners and I haven't had my wardrobe. Fortunately for me I was able to obtain part of my wardrobe last week, including lots of shoes. It felt as good as going shopping and finding something amazing for a steal. I'm still looking for vintage clothing when I go thrift shopping and I'm still obsessed with Japanese street fashion, but I'm more relaxed about it. 

For now I will continue browsing for great ideas and tips on vintage and Japanese street fashion. 

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