Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Best find ever: enzo angiolini

I got these work shoes that are mens wear inspired about a month ago. They are currently my favorite work shoes. I do stand a lot at work so these are perfect.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Best Thrift Find Ever: Lamp

I got this lamp at Animal Humane Society thrift store and now with a new best-friend(shade) it lives in my living room.
What I love about it the most is the architectural structure. I love the metal base and neck squishing the ceramic or ceramic looking sphere. Its of grand size (2ft 8in) almost too big for my living room, but since I have two big reclining sofas it fits right in. I also love the detail of the metal base its very simple, but interesting.

This is our living room my husband and I painted and installed new laminate flooring, the curtains came with the house and I plan on changing them soon, but for now they are still hanging in there.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

OOTD: birthday party

This was my mother-inlaw's birthday party at the race track. It was a lot of fun, here I am with my husband.  I was going for a vintage look here with the top and my hair style. I love these pants they are my favorite office pants because they fit wonderfully.

The Outfit:

Top: JcPenney Outlet = $5
Banana Republic pants: thrifted = $8

Best Find Ever: Tildon

I got these Tildon boots from Last Chance. I have worn them several times now, but at first I couldn't figure out what to wear them with.  Once I got around to wearing them I have been wearing them a lot and with just about anything.  They are supper comfortable and obviously easy to walk-in.  Also I thought that they would be falling apart because the material seems really cheap, but they haven't even scratched even through all the wearing. The original price on these is about $80;  I scored them for $20.