Monday, February 11, 2013

Thrift the runway

I have been dying to post something, anything. I just have so many things on my mind. I have been doing a lot of research on what's in for this spring; it has me all excited. I like to do each season at a time, not jump ahead. Although I'm planning on shopping ahead for this spring, since I plan to thrift all of my fashion trends.  It isn't always easy to find something that's in or beautifully vintage.  So for my spring inspiration I went to the trend reports. I want to start off with the black and white. I was thinking that most of us already have both shades (black and white) in our closets; its more about layering and emphasizing the shape of the outfit. So I picked a simple look for something I already owned, like the button-up shirt and black skirt. I will be looking out for the black and white stripped dress or pants. I always wanted black and white striped pants, so I might just give in and buy them new. We'll see.

The second trend I thought would be really interesting is sheer. I love it cause it can be very discreet. I know it can go porny really quickly, but I don't look at it that way. I always thought of sheer as long dresses or sleeves in sheer. Since this isn't anything new and there's always something in sheer, it should be easy to find at thrift stores. I don't own enough sheer and since I only have an eighth of my closet right now I want to buy anything remotely interesting, but I'm trying hard to keep my temptations under control. I will be looking for sheer in dresses, skirts, and printed shirts. I want it to make a statement.  Oh and not to forget, I will be looking out for the white button-up sheer shirt a lot of designers put out on the runway. I think its practical and will go with almost anything, its easy to layer and fresh for the desert heat.
Here's what I have in mind
The last I will be discussing is mixing patterns, which I love. I thought that this will be really easy to obtain thrift since there's always a lot of prints in everything.  What I love is that you could mix and match shirts, skirts, or pants and get amazing outfits without too many pieces. The other great thing is that you can incorporate men's shirts into the mix.

For example to obtain similar outfits to these all you need is
1-Bright floral print shirt/blouse
1-black/white bottoms
1-Soft floral print skirt
1-plaid shirt
1-plaid skirt
That's 5 pieces of clothing, so thrifted at less than $10 a piece your total would be $50 for at least 4 outfits.  The key element would be to buy things that can be interchangeable with each other.

I hope I get my camera back soon so I can post my finds from the thrift store. I have found some great things that I can't wait to share. 

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