Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alternative Fashion

I have been researching alternative fashions out of curiosity and have come to one question. Is wearing thrifted clothes alternative for today's standard in everyday fashion?  I realize that second hand clothes can at times be in fashion and that certain styles never go out of fashion, but the idea that the clothes aren't new repels some people. I have been told by many people that they never wear used clothes or that they will never wear used clothes. I have always worn second hand clothes; to me its just normal, but to them its dirty.

The other question I had was, Is vintage alternative fashion? And the answer is yes. So if vintage is definitely alternative, is thrifted clothing alternative. It does fit under the wikipedia definition of alternative fashion: at one time stood apart from mainstream commercial fashion. To me this is  a satisfying  definition it describes alternative fashion as a whole.  Under this definition, wearing second hand clothes is alternative.

If you are wearing something thrifted, but it is with in the modern fashion aesthetic, would it still be considered alternative?

What do you think?

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