Friday, January 25, 2013

Lolita Has Arrived in Bodyline

Okay, so I'm not going to Become a Lolita. Its not something that you can do over night, well at least the wearing of Lolita clothing. Besides I'm too topsy turvy with my style, I just can't stick with one style of anything;  I'm eclectic. However,I have always (since I was 13) admired the Lolita style.

The first purchase I made of Lolita was last week from a respectable Lolita named Amber. My skirts and dresses arrived this week in perfect condition as described. I have tried them on and they fit, but I haven't had the chance to wear them out. I don't go out much. I made two other purchases last week, but those items haven't arrived. I did a lot of research before I bought my first Lolita clothes. There was a particular blog that really inspired and informed me to go ahead and buy Lolita. FYeah Lolita was the blog that let me know about Elegant Gothic and Lolita community sales which is where I was able to buy Lolita for the first time.

These pictures are not mine, they are Amber's. I don't have a camera right now do to the fire that occurred at my house. Amber did give me a discount and I was able to get these items for only

$173 including shipping and tracking information

The reason behind me not buying Lolita before know of EGL was because I'm cheap, don't make much money, and don't feel comfortable spending $200+ on a dress. I don't know what's wrong/right with me; I just simply can't go ahead and buy something, 1 thing for my self for that amount of money.

Besides the EGL community I was also able to learn more about low budget Japanese companies that sell Lolita clothing for less. One of these companies is Bodyline. If you know Lolita you probably already know that the items above are Bodyline. I was hesitant to buy Bodyline used or new because of the bad rep it has. I read that the prints are blurry and the sewing and construction of the clothing is of very low quality.  This might be so, but its nowhere near as bad as I had imagined. The prints I bought used were not blurry. The lace wasn't as cheap as I thought it was going to be; it had some weight to it yet it was some what soft.  Having said that, I did find some (bad=ugly) Bodyline with weirdly shaped dresses and cheap lace. The kind of lace you could find at Wal-Mart. That wouldn't be so bad if the whole dress/shirt/skirt weren't completely, overly covered in it.

I did buy another Bodyline skirt that hasn't arrived yet. I hope it looks of good-enough quality that I don't regret buying it. I paid $30 + shipping.

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