Saturday, January 12, 2013

Betsey Johnson Spring 2013

I love the bright, psychedelic, hippie  prints she used this year; I always love a bright print.  I love the excessive layering (more is more) something that I did for a long time in my teen years and still continue every now and then today. I special take to heart the rock 'n' roll pieces in her collection. I'm a rocker at heart (musically and fashionably). Although I have toned my look down a lot more for the past few years. Maybe I just don't have the guts to showcase my love for fashion. Seriously I have lost a big piece of my creativity lately, makes me very sad. 

Compared to last years' Spring 2012 collection  this year is a lot brighter with Betsey, not that last year wasn't bright. She just had some softer florals and textures. And even in the middle of blooming florals she still manages to put include leopard prints and rough touches. That's just part of the beauty of Betsey Johnson's talent.

 Here's my favorite piece from last year's collection. The skeletal ribs with nature details is ideal, as beautiful as the decomposition of the body and nature blooming from a rotting corpse.

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