Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wisdom is out

I had my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday 1/3/13. I have been doing nothing but sleep and worry about the things I can't do. I also have been having nightmares about my closet. I have had these nightmares since our house burned, but since I'm sleeping more its no surprise that I have more nightmares. They usually start off with me looking at my clothes with a smile, then suddenly people start taking them away and I try to stop them, but fail do to strength. Then they burn my clothes and I scream in anguish. Other times the dogs destroy the clothes after they came from the cleaners. I haven't seen my closet since December 20th (2 weeks). Of course I have some clothes, but not my closet. I feel like all the time and effort I spend looking for those special garments has gone to waste if I loose my closet. Well not exactly cause looking for them is a whole lot of fun. I love thrift shopping. We might get our clothes tomorrow.

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