Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Concert Outfit

The event was a Megadeth concert at our State Fair. When I was heading out to the concert I knew I was going to be walking a long walk; comfortable shoes were a must.  It was a bit cold "for me" maybe 75 degrees outside so I need a sweater. I actually forgot this was a dry clean only item and stuck it in the washer and of course it shrunk. This was the only time I got to where this sweater; I was really looking forward to wearing this a lot more.  On a lighter note the concert was a success; we had a great time and the band played their ass off.

Outfit details
Shoes: Amazon - Demonia - $20
Pants: JCPenney -Olsenboye - $12
Blouse: Savers - E.K.Designs - $5
Sweater: Savers - Chicos - $6
Total: $44

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