Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Free Date

On Saturday, Oct. 1, my boyfriend and I went out on a casual date. We started our date by going to the Phoenix Art Museum provided by Bank of America.  Bank of America card holders receive a free entrance to the Museum on that day. 

Among all the great collections that the museum had to offer, I will like to discuss the Giorgio di Sant' Angelo collection which I was very honored to see. It was lively and fun.The majority of the garments were made out of licra which is a difficult fabric to sew. The licra matterial was to intend to bring out the womens' curves and create some versitality in the way the garments drapped on the women.  The collections  were colorful and with some of the best prints I have ever seen.

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  1. ooh, how fantastic that you saw the Giorgio di Sant' Angelo collection. I'm absolutely loving the images above and yes, I'm with you the prints are truly amazing! Gorgeous!! Hope your Friday is a fantastic one. :) xo veronika