Monday, November 7, 2011

Southwest officially cold

On Friday we experienced a dust storm followed by rain.  The following day, on Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to the State Fair and I was freezing, even after wearing a sweater.  Leaving in the desert we are usually blazing hot; the sudden cold weather is a shock every year. 
During the winter I usually wear multiple layers of clothing:  short/ long sleeve shirt,cardigan/sweater, jacket/ coat, and ocassionally a vest in-between. The great thing about winter is beeing able to wear a skirt without having to shave every time; I usually just wear thights/ pantyhose under a skirt. Of course if I wear pantyhose I have to shave, but that's alright.
I really get to appreciate the winter, here in the southwest. I think that after a hot 11? degree summer a little bit of winter cold really makes christmas special.

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