Friday, April 1, 2011

Book Review: Stop Throwing Money Away

I recently checked out this book from my school library.
This book is about decludering your space, saving money, and the planet.
The book contains many clever ways to use/reuse daily household items that we might throw away, like eggcartons or toilet paper rolls. I defenetly recomend this book for anybody frugal and the not so frugal as well. The book also emphasizes the different aspects of clutter. Why and what we might keep and how to get rid off all those unloved objects.  This book doesn't tell you to simply throw things away, incrontrary it celebrates reusing and repurposing and well as reselling.
I loved the book and plan to get mine second hand from Amazon.

Once I started to get really into the book, I actually started to get rid off things I might not have. I even helped my mom with a yard sale where she was able to make $100 in 5 hrs. We still had plenty of things left, but my mom got tired and decided to just stop around 11:00 am.  Not only did I take things out for the yard sale I was also able to dig under my bed for clothes and other junk.  I didn't think I had that much since I am a college student with a very very small budget, but I had many things that didn't have a purpose in my life. Some stuff I plan to give away to relatives others I will sell.

Once again, you should read this book like NOW!
stop waiting to get your life decluttered.

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