Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After reading the book: stop throwing money away

so the book really helped me with getting rid of things I didn't use
but it wasn't enought to my satisfaction
I live with my parents in one bedroom

My bedroom is packed with unnecessary things, but when ever I feel like getting rid of something I can't.
There is something that tells me to save it for when I move out, but I don't know how soon I will move out and even if I did move out, I don't if I would necessary what any of those things there.

Its been several weeks after I read that book now and I just went to goodwill outlet last weekend and spend $40 on clothes and other unnecessary things. I did find some awsome stuff like a liz claibourne purse and a gucci leather purse (but I'm not ok with wearing animals, I just bought it because it was preatty and cheap)
so what do I do know
Do I wear it, even tough I'm going to be thinking of the poor animal that got killed just so that I would wear  and use this purse or I just give it to somebody who is okay with wearing dead animals and if I do give it away, I would still be contributing to the wearing of leather.
It makes me sick
I also got a really beautiful leather jacket
you see my problem is that when I go shopping I get really into it and forget everything else
Seriously, I should not go shopping unless I really really need something, even if it is second hand.

At least I can say that I contributed a good cause and that those $40 will go to a good charity that helps millions of people. Even when I say that I still feel dissapointed in myself.

I also did other shopping, I bought some pants and a black purse from forever21
Can you believe that I didn't own a plain black purse?
When I tought about that, I just set out to buy a new black purse ($10).
I don't know what I will do with that leather...
maybe I will just keep it as a reminder to not get carried away and to be careful of what I buy.

I'm scared of ending like a horder.
How does one manage all of those unnecessary things hiding in the closet, drawers or under the bed?
In my room all of those places mentioned are stuffed with mainly clothes.
I will continue to work on those spaces.
I'm also scared of roaches or rats hidding in my clothes, I do live in a house that was build in the 60s.

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