Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a year

I haven't been able to post much after the wedding. There has been a lot of horrible things happening since. The day my husband and I got back from our honeymoon we found out that one of the three puppies we have got parvovirus. Then another puppy got parvovirus and the third was kept away from the house and had to live at his parents house. She didn't get parvovirus. On Thursday, Dec 20  part of my house burned, mostly the garage. On Christmas Eve one of the puppies(Mickey) was acting very strange; we wanted to wait til' the 26th to take him to the vet and ended up taking him 25 at 8-am to the veterinarian. His condition was very serious and we're lucky he survived as long as he did(6 months). He has a birth defect, portosystemic shunt,one of his veins bypasses the liver and his blood doesn't get filtered. We don't know if he will be okay, but for now he's on a special diet.

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