Monday, August 20, 2012

Emily Henderson

I'm currently obsessed with Emily Henderson's blog I read it every chance I get. She is a very talented interior designer who won season 5 of Design Star on HGTV. She has her own show called Secrets From A Stylist (I have watched all the shows in the first two seasons).


What I love the most about her style is that she uses a lot of thrifted merchandise in her designs. She makes the worst couches look like one of a kind pieces that I can't even dream of. She refurbishes (has things refurbished) a lot of furnishings and puts them in homes where they can be used everyday and look great.  Her blog features some of these furnishing pieces.

I specially love her style and how she brings the style of her clients of by asking them what they like. I don't have money, but if I ever wanted to hire an interior designer to help me in my home, I would be fearful of him/her making my house look like something I would never live in or a museum where I feel like I can't touch anything.

She also makes good use of pattern, specially through wall paper. She always has the best wall paper designs in her rooms.

Check out her blog it is lovely.

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