Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting Married

I am getting married. I have been planning my wedding for the past few months and have decided on the date (September 29). I have been super busy trying to find a location for the reception, a lot of places are booked til' November.  Today I think I found the right place. The hall is small, but it does have inside and outside access.
Our budget is small, but I know that I could manage since I'm going to be receiving a lot of help from my family.  I already have the cake, ceremony location, and today I found the location for the reception.  I looked for reception first, but wasn't sure about how much help I was going to receive from family members. For a week I was convinced I was going to have it at my parents home. They said a hall would be better and I spent the whole month of march thinking that I wouldn't need to rent a hall. Now that it is April it is a little late. I am  nervous as to how things will workout since I have to plan everything myself. I really want it be like how I always imagined.

I also have my dress. For a while I wanted to get a vintage dress or a second hand dress. I ended up buying my dress at David's Bridal for $100 before taxes. I will take a picture soon. Part of me still wants a vintage dress, since that has always been what I wanted, but my budget is tight. I think a lot of comprimises will have to be made, but in the end the only thing that matters is that I'm going to be getting married to the man I love.


  1. congratulations - I'm sure it will be lovely as the personal touches make all the difference!