Sunday, December 18, 2011

Early Christmas

My boyfriend's family decided to have Christmas dinner yesterday.  I didn't mind having a delicious Christmas dinner early, but I did have a problem getting all of the Christmas presents together on time.

My plan for this year was to make aprons for Ken's aunts, grandmother, and mom.  The problem with me is that I procrastinate a little too much.  I bought all of the material in early September, so I didn't have a problem acquiring the materials. I have been sick for almost two weeks, but now I'm getting better and am taking medicine.  I had to sew at least 3 aprons for this weekend. I took 3 days to finish everything.

My boyfriend on the other hand bought all of the presents yesterday right before we arrived at the party. His family loved all of the gifts.  I can barely believe he managed to get everybody something thoughtful that they loved in a few hours.

I will post pictures soon

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  1. That's such a cute idea to make aprons! I wish I was savvy with the needle.